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The Voice of China -- Finals

2016-08-27 16:48:56 TSymbols Electronics Co., Ltd. Read

The Voice of China is China's first large-scale file reviews inspirational professional music program, is committed to the development of radical reform of Chinese music, Chinese music stars of the future to build. The show premiered on July 13, 2012 officially in Zhejiang TV broadcast.


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The fourth quarter, " the voice of China" Finals held in the National Stadium “NEST”, which  is the first TV music show in NEST. Finally, Zhang Lei is the champion.

TSymbols Electronics Co., Ltd.

TSymbols Electronics Co., Ltd.

12 sets TM-900S, UHF PLL single channel true diversity wireless microphone were used in this live show, everything went well and the live show there was not any single drop-out. The sound quality is unbelievably good. In such a prestigious installation, reliability is as important as providing the highest sound quality to audiences.


TSymbols Electronics Co., Ltd.

TSymbols Electronics Co., Ltd.

TM-900S offers the highest level of reliability, audio and transmission quality.


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